Mercer Island Pokémon Go Virtual Webcams

Downtown Mercer Island (Switch webcam to Luther Burbank Park and Waterfall Bench) =>
Click on any gym name or gym above to get the location of the gym or to get directions there. (It may be helpful to pause the webcam before clicking.)

The two Pogovision webcams — live views of the Pokémon virtual world!

Covered area: in Mercer Island, Washington.

Pogovision lets you see upcoming and current Pokémon raids in 12 gyms, using two different webcams. You can also see team control for the gyms and whether a gym is under attack, as well as the Pokeweather on Mercer Island.

Downtown webcam:
Island Crest Sculptures, Puzzle Play, Veterans Monument, Fish Tree Grate, Hillside Park Trail, The Irrepressible Toad

Luther Burbank webcam:
Waterfall Bench, Luther Burbank Park south parking lot, Source Sculpture, Luther Burbank Park Map, Bird Face, and Healthy Shoreline.

The Luther Burbank cam also lets you see when the PokeStops at Walgreens, QFC, or the Outdoor Sculpture Gallery are lured up.

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Mercer Island Gym and PokeStop Finder

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Now includes PokeStops too!

Links to Mercer Island Gym Maps

Updated with the gym changes
of May and June 2018.

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