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Find the location of any gym or PokeStop on Mercer Island!

Enter any part (or parts) of the gym or PokeStop name (at least 2 letters or digits).


  • Enter one or more words, or parts of words, to find all matching gyms and Pokestops.
  • Gyms can even match on common nicknames, abbreviations, and descriptions — try some!
  • Separate two or more words with spaces; gyms and Pokestops must then match all the words.
  • A few of the "Pokestops" included are actually just potential future Pokestops — these are Ingress portals that aren't currently in Pokémon Go.


For gyms:

  • Click on the car icon for driving directions.
  • Click on the walking icon to see exactly where a gym is located.
  • But don't use the walking map for driving directions! The driving destinations are individually adjusted so that Google Maps won't tell you to stop on the freeway and it won't take you to some spot where you can't park.

For PokeStops:

  • Click on the PokeStop name or the directions icon directions for a map showing exactly where a PokeStop is located.
  • We don't have individually adjusted driving destinations for PokeStops, just for gyms.
  • Remember that a few of the "Pokestops" are just potential future Pokestops and aren't currently in the game.

Virtual Webcam Maps of All Mercer Island Gyms

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